The Galliard - Metis Outcast

The Galliard - Metis Outcast


Available Gifts (1 of each)

Breed Gifts
- Sense Wyrm: sense hidden manifestions of the great enemy, the Wyrm
​​​​​​​- Create Element: create a small amount of one basic element

Auspice Gift:
- Beast Speech: spend 1 gnosis to speak to animals for 1 minute
- Call of the Wyld (10 pts.): summon other garou to aid by howling, radius of 40 miles
- Mindspeak (10 pts.): spend 1 gnosis per person, creates a waking dream for silent communication

Tribal Gifts:
- Ears of the Bat (already selected)


Born to a Wendigo elder of the Thousand Lakes sept near Lake Athabasca in northern Saskachewan. This elder, Scarlet-Dawn, was seduced by a Shadow Lord agent provocateur attempting to gain a foot in at the small healing caern.

When it became known that Scarlet-Dawn was pregnant with a forbidden child, the Shadow Lord father vanished, fearing tribal retribution under the ultra-traditionalist Wendigo – a retribution Scarlet-Dawn stoically faced and accepted.

Mother and unborn would have been put to death, had no a great black-winged spirit stayed the hand of the Elder Council. It was agreed that the mother should see her appropriate punishment, but the child should be let to live.

Scarlet-Dawn was able to come to full term, birthing the metis – who was born clearly blind with pure white eyes. Scarlet-Dawn was dutifully punished for her transgressions, and though the child was allowed to live, his very existence burned in the throats of some elders. He was cast out of the sept while still babe. Others that questioned the child’s vanishing didn’t care enough to ask much about his fate.

Thrown into the wilds and blind, the child was expected to perish under nature’s cruel embrace. He was found shortly after by a old matriarch of a wolf pack. Battle-scarred and weary, the elder matron took the metis under her guardianship and into the pack – where he was raised. Though he never knew for certain, he would come to suspect that his surrogate mother was a lupus of the Black Furies that had left her own sept to see her final days in the freedom of the wilds.

In his blindness, he heard a calling, a resonance inside him. He was able to mimic the call; and with practice, turn noise into sight

When the metis had grown, and the matriarch as nearing her end, disaster fell upon the pack, as hunters came from the sky with helicopters and rifles – an organized culling that took his matron, and most of the pack. Defending his surrogate family, the metis tore into the hunters, men who stank of corruption, and operated far more efficiently than one would expect of typical hunters.

He slaughtered several, and was unable to disembowel even more as they fled to the skies. On one of the slain, he found a tag, and identity card, but being blind he was unable to read it. Even his gift from the spirit of Bat was unable to help.

With his family taken from him, he was alone – but now far more capable to defend himself. He wandered for several moons, but was growing agitated, not knowing who or where he was from. He knew the wolf pack was not his blood family, and with them gone, he demanded answers – both for why he was thusly shunned and who the hunters were that killed his matron.

Any signs of where he came from seemed to point at a small spiritual centre across the subartic forest. Following the signs, he journeyed for several days – only to find the caern in ruins, the sept dead, and their dismembered corpses being feasted on by a parliament of black owls. A trail of blood led elsewhere, and he followed.

The Galliard - Metis Outcast

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