The Ahroun - Angry Vigilante

The Ahroun - Angry Vigilante


Signs of a mistreated childhood disease that likely would have taken him had he not been strengthened by garou blood.

Inspiration: Frank Castle, Bruce Wayne

Available Gifts (1 of each)

Breed Gifts
- Persuasion: spend 2 gnosis points for +1 reaction and social skills for 1 minute
- Smell of Man: cause animals to become shaken and possibly flee

Auspice Gift:
- Razor Claws (10 pts.): spend 1 rage and 1 turn to sharpen claws on hard surface, +1d6 of damage for 10 minutes
- Inspiration (10 pts.): spend 1 gnosis per turn, all in sight of him gain +1 to Will and Rage rolls
- The Falling Touch: contest of garou’s DX versus target’s HT. Success sends target sprawling to the ground

Tribal Gifts:
Tribes and Gifts


When only a child, his parents were killed by gang violence. Orphaned, with no other family, the boy was thrown into the untender hands of the Detroit foster care system. After suffering a childhood of rotating abuse, the boy was finally kicked loose when he turned 16 and his continual run-ins with the police became unmanageable.

He was angry, and he never really understood why.

But life didn’t improve for him. After running with some street gangs, and tousling with others, He grew more and more agitated, falling into the life and violence that killed his parents and set him on this dark course. He finally turned on the gangs when an altercation turned on nearby pedestrians.

After this particularly violent altercation, three young gangers were left dead by gunshot, and he was wounded and bleeding. Facing a long prison sentence, if not the death penalty, he fled the city to save himself, catching a train to anywhere away from the pursuit of the police on his heels.

Safely escaping aboard a train from the city, he found the wound was quickly becoming infected and caused him a great deal of pain. A second traveler, also bent on running from the authorities, was able to tend to him as the train carried them both across the border and into the wild north of Canada.

The Ahroun - Angry Vigilante

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