The Theurge - Wrongful Accused

The Theurge - Wrongful Accused


Inspiration: The Fugitive, Storm Shadow

Available gifts (1 of each):

Breed Gifts
- Persuasion: spend 2 gnosis points for +1 reaction and social skills for 1 minute
- Smell of Man: cause animals to become shaken and possibly flee

Auspice Gift:
- Sense Wyrm: sense hidden manifestions of the great enemy, the Wyrm
- Spirit Speech: communicate with any spirit
- Mother’s Touch: lay hands to heal aggravated wounds of other garou

Tribal Gifts:
Tribes and Gifts


The Theurge was an promising student under his mentor, Snarls-at-the-Wind, the Sept of the Frozen Waters master of the rites. A difficult, codgey spirit talker, Snarls mentored the young theurge as his replacement when he must succumb to his age.

Despite Snarls’ bouts of dementia, he was a wise, if difficult, teacher. The young theurge had to exercise all his patience to accept tutelage under his mentor. That is, until Snarls-at-the-Wind was found dead, murdered in his sleep by a coward. The young theurge was the apparent culprit – also wounded viciously by the elder’s Bane Dagger.

He didn’t kill his mentor, and is protests fell on deaf ears as all accounts pointed at the young protege’s guilt, even the spirits of the caern indicated him (and spirit’s cannot lie). The sentence was absolute, and the young man would have been put to death in a challenge, had he not been roused from a fitful sleep while in captivity and spirited away to the Umbra on black wings.

Safely away, though still wounded by the injury that wouldn’t heal – like a damning testament to his crimes – he vowed to return to Frozen Waters to find who really murdered his mentor and bring them to garou justice.

But his return came almost too late, as the caern was in ruins and the Wyrm was tearing through its defenders with casual ease.

The Theurge - Wrongful Accused

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