The Ragabash - Wayward Doctor

The Ragabash - Wayward Doctor


Inspiration: Simon Tam (Firefly)

Available gifts (1 of each):

Breed Gifts
- Persuasion: spend 2 gnosis points for +1 reaction and social skills for 1 minute
- Smell of Man: cause animals to become shaken and possibly flee

Auspice Gift:
- Scent of Running Water: spend 1 gnosis to mask scent for 1 hour
- Blur of the Milky Eye: spend 1 gnosis to blur his form and harder to see
- Open Seal: open nearly any sort of closed or locked device

Tribal Gifts:
Tribes and Gifts


The Ragabash Doctor was a skilled medical professional hailing from a prestigious family. He was working at the Henry Ford Hospital emergency unit, completing his internship and the promise of becoming a prestigious doctor.

Late one evening, a man came into the Emergency Unit with complaints of stabbing chest pains. With a full emergency room, the patient was seen to by the young soon-to-be doctor. Moments later, the patient began to have a fit, and black blood poured from his mouth. The patient grabbed a scalpel and slashed one of the nurses before cutting the doctor as well.

The violence of the attack and the terror of the scene caused the young man’s normally calm persona to well up in rage, and his before-unknown heritage burst out, causing him to shift into fully enraged crinos, tearing the violent patient apart, wounding several other people, before killing the security guard who drew his pistol in a foolish effort to kill the rampaging crinos.

The Ragabash only regained consciousness the following morning – naked and cold. He collected some clothing, and with only a scattering of nightmarish flashes as memory of the previous night, he attempted to return to the hospital. The police were already there, and some staff noticed him lurking, and indicating him out the officers. Unbeknownst, though the people didn’t remember truly what occurred, his transformation was recorded by security cameras.

Beyond the police themselves, there was another man in a long dark coat and hat. This man seemed nondescript, but a malice seemed to roll around him like a hot air off a road. This man, more than anything, forced the Ragabash to flee. Trying to return home to his apartment was impossible, the police were watching his home. He had been branded a domestic terrorist by “government agencies” and his photo was being circulated on the TV. Additionally, his bank accounts were frozen, and any attempts to contact his family would certainly lead to his capture and implicate them.

He needed to escape the city, if only for a short while. Without a vehicle, he happened upon the rail yard, but turned away from the idea. However, a owl perched atop an opened car of a train beginning to move called his attention. He hurried to hop aboard – finding he wasn’t alone. Another young man was already there, and wounded from an infected gunshot wound (the Ahroun). The man wasn’t as hurt from the injury as he was from the growing infection. The Ragabash did the best he could without supplies and in the moving car. The train carried the both of them far from Detroit, into the wilds of the Canadian north.

The Ragabash - Wayward Doctor

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