The Philodox - Disenfranchised Soldier

The Philodox - Disenfranchised Soldier


Inspiration: Logan (Wolverine)

Available Gifts (1 of each)

Breed Gifts
- Persuasion: spend 2 gnosis points for +1 reaction and social skills for 1 minute
- Smell of Man: cause animals to become shaken and possibly flee

Auspice Gift:
- Resist Pain: spend 1 gnosis to resist all pain, nor be stunned or slowed by injury
- Truth of Gaia: detect lies with opposed IQ or fast-talk skill
- Scent of True Form: determine what a subject really is. Can auto sense other garou, or vampires, fae, or mages on a reduced roll.

Tribal Gifts:
Tribes and Gifts


A Sergeant of a military section on duty near Kandahar, he was leading his soldiers into the mountains to root out a suspected insurgent cell that had been plaguing the nearby countryside with mortar and rocket fire. Finding what looking to be a promising cave system, the section came under attack by a horrific monster lurking in the shadows that tore apart the soldiers and laid into him with unparalleled viciousness, despite all attempts to defend themselves.

He awoke several hours later – naked, wounded, and cold – amidst the bodies of his own men and no sign of the creature that slaughtered them – only a slim, older man sitting perched on a rock. The man, an apparent native of the region, was peaceful and serene amidst the horrific chaos, seemingly waiting for the Philodox to eventually recover.

He did not say his name, but quietly explained that whatever the philodox once was, he could never to back to it. The soldier must leave the region, for his war had suddenly become much grander. The old man took him from the scene of the battle to a safe shelter to heal. The old man told him what he was, a chosen defender of Gaia; and tutored him briefly on the change and the new tasks before him – the protection of the Earth itself.

The words took hold in his mind, and when the old man’s said it was time for him to leave this place as others would be looking for him, he had difficulty resisting the wisdom with his duty. With the old man’s help, the soldier was guided out of the country, and away from his sworn duties, to the coast. There a boat spirited away from Asia, across the ocean and through the Panama Canal – taking him as far from the conflict and the memory of his friends as he could possibly go.

There he lived on the edge of the coastal city of Vancouver for a few years – merely existing and working odd jobs at the Waterfront rail yard. But he could never forget his men, slaughtered like animals. He could still hear their voices calling to him when he slept and demanding vengeance… accusing. He never saw the old man again, but his words sat on him; he was a monster, a beast of rage – and the more he dwelt on the thought, the more he became convinced that it was not some other creature that killed his friends – but was him himself out of control.

The Philodox - Disenfranchised Soldier

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